AIGA Detroit

IXD2 Motion Graphics


In September of 2023, I joined the AIGA Detroit board as Community Engagement Director.

Being one of the resident mograph artists/animators on the AIGA board (at that time), I was asked by the chapter president to create a promotional motion graphic for IXD2, an annual interaction design conference presented by the Detroit chapter.

Taking design cues from IDX2’s brand identity (provided by UX Designer/fellow board member/IXD2 panelist Jon Yablonski), I created this promotional loop to the tune of (the opening minute of) “Shut Down” by LFO.

Initially, it was to “Raxmus” by the Black Dog.

Zoom Chats


From the middle of April to the end of June 2020, AIGA Detroit hosted a series of Zoom Chats with numerous designers and studios from all over the world, featuring the likes of Aaron Draplin, Skidmore Studio, Beetroot, and Communal, among many others.

I volunteered to help create Instagram carousel graphics to promote the then-upcoming talks under the established visual direction, with a little leeway for motion enhancements wherever possible (In retrospect, I should’ve done more motion graphics.)

Week 9: Beetroot

Week 10: Communal

Week 11: Synecdoche Design Studio