The Tower

Digital, Film

“It is a time of Warring States within the territory of the former Empire.

A reconnaissance scout explores a derelict tower during a routine mission within a forsaken desert simply known as “The Redlands”…”

The Tower is an experimental animatic/motion storyboard that aims to tell a story without any text or dialogue, taking place in a world that combines the aesthetics of the Hellenistic period with Post-Apocalyptic and Cyberpunk technology.


Design Process

Originally titled The Red Necropolis, The Tower aims to accomplish two challenges: tell a story without spoken dialogue nor even text of any kind, and create a motion comic prototype within one week.

Visually and thematically, The Tower is inspired by Luc Besson’s debut feature Le Dernier Combat, Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon, the Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel, and Ghost in the Shell.

The motive behind the “Hellenistic-Cyberpunk” setting is to create a unique world aesthetically distinct from others within the genre. The weapons depicted are based on late 20th-century weaponry, with visual modifications to match the aesthetic.

The visuals were created by drawing the assets with a pencil and brush marker. Later, these illustrations would be scanned and retouched in Photoshop and manipulated in AfterEffects, with some assets animated with Duik.

The Rough Prototype of The Tower (originally created in 2018).