ToDoolie Branding

Mixed Media

Over the summer of 2017, I was the lead designer for the Detroit-based startup ToDoolie, where I literally and rhetorically left my mark on the company through creating a visual identity built from the ground up.


Business Cards

Graphic Symbol Color Variants

Door Hangers Layout

Quarter Page Flyers

The “Work Uniforms” for ToDoolie. From Left to Right, Co-Founder and CEO Sergio Rodriguez, former Co-Founder Soheeb Wains, and Myself.
Photo taken by Co-Founder Jose Romo-Puerta

Design Process

As with branding any company, the process underwent liberal amounts of iteration, among them being the logo design, color combinations, and how they fit on print and digital media. ToDoolie was originally to have a traditional logo (and was spelled as Todoolie), but we decided to stick with a wordmark and capitalize the “D” in the middle.

From the beginning, we had wanted to create a unique logotype that conveyed the company’s philosophy of being the helping friend in need.


Logo design process


The rejected logo. Note the old spelling of the wordmark…


The custom-made typeface